Take part in Spiritual Adoption

To spiritually adopt a child that is being threatened by abortion, you should:

  1. Declare the Oath (see below)
  2. Each day for the next nine months, say:
    • The daily prayer for your child (see below)
    • pray one mystery of the Rosary (1 x Our Father, 10 x Hail Marys, 1x Glory Be)
The Spiritual Adoption Oath

The Most Holy Virgin, Mary, Mother of God, and all the Angels and Saints, led by the desire of bringing help to the threatened child in the womb, I (…) declare under oath today (…) to undertake the spiritual adoption of one child whose name is known only to God. I promise to pray everyday for the following nine months to save the unborn child’s life, so that they may have a just and true life in You.

I promise to say:

  1. One decade of the Rosary (Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and a Glory Be)
  2. Daily prayer
  3. My own personal resolution (optional).
Daily prayer

My Lord Jesus, through the intercession of Your Blessed Mother Mary who gave birth to You out of love and through the intercession of St Joseph, the man of faith who cared for You after Your Birth, I turn to You on behalf of this conceived child who has been Spiritually Adopted by me and who is threatened by abortion. Please, give the parents the love and courage they need to allow their child to remain alive; the life that You yourself intended for them. Amen.