● Your best friend, otherwise known as the girl with the flowing blonde hair, is always smiling. Your maths teacher is the best teacher in the world, for no one could explain things as patiently as him. That Oncology Professor - well, he just won the Noble Prize for figuring out the cure for Cancer. Or at least... all of this could have happened, if any of them were given a chance to live. They just happened to be part of the fifty million lives that were destroyed that year. ● Through prayer, you can cause that the girl with the flowing hair and many others like her will remain part of God's wonderful plan. Share the strength of prayer with those in need. ● Download Powerbank for Life.

I undertake the Spiritual Adoption
Guarding LIFE - in the fight for LIFE - the unfailing WEAPON.
Completely safe ― Consistant with Mary's desires - humble fidelity in the Rosary - studied theologically - Father Robert Wielądek (Ph.D.) was consulted on the reflections of the Rosary - Under the spiritual custody of the Spiritual Adoption Centre at Jasna Gora (Czestochowa) - Subjected to the guardianship of the new Polish Saint Stanislaus Papczyński - Effective in its subtlety, preventing the ones who pray from becoming self-righteous - private and inconspicuous - He scatters "The PROUD" and exaltes "the LOWLY". Don't wait.UNDERTAKE the oath NOW.
In order to help you with your prayer for the unborn child's life, so that the child may be born safely, the app contains prayers, Rosary reflections, testimonies and translations. All of these have been provided generously by the authors: journalists, columnists, with special thanks to all the mothers and fathers, as well as members from most of the active Polish Catholic groups, communities and movements. Everything this app contains will steadily be translated into other languages. The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.


TOGETHER we'll release the FLAME OF LIFE from Poland to the whole world!!